I don't know which "Service" I need...how do I know which one to book?

You can always call or email the Style Design team with any and all questions and we will make sure your consultation needs are met. Each client has a different journey, and our expertise is to listen and interpret the best plan to get you the results you want.

How do you charge? How do you work with a strict budget?

Style Design is a consulting service, therefore we bill hourly. Your initial consultation is a 3 hour session at a set rate, and then our standard hourly fee which varies by consultant. In terms of merchandise, Style Design typically purchases in advance for client convenience and appointments and is reimbursed when the client is billed for our consulting time. Clients will receive our Fees and Rates upfront, prior to their initial appointment. Style Design accepts personal checks and venmo as payment for clients looking to use their debit or credit cards. 

A budget is discussed and encouraged from the onset of the relationship. Style Design is considerate of every budget, and communicates if the boundaries of the budget are being exceeded based on the wardrobe plan and consulting needs.

I don't know what my "look" or "style" is at all...how will you help me start from scratch or update my wardrobe?

Finding your style is a very personal process, and one we make sure stays authentic to your personality and lifestyle. Style Design helps getting dressed every day be a clear cut and an easy task.We will make sure your closet reflects who you are and fulfills your needs with confidence throughout your week.

I have a lot of great pieces in my closet but feel I have nothing to wear...help!

Style Design's "Style Guide" is the solution to your problem. We will put looks together for you and make sure you have them documented and on hand for easy access. Your wardrobe will be straightforward and your "Style Guide" will ensure confidence in your look everyday.

Who took the pictures for your website? 

Sara Hanna Photography is responsible for taking the photos on our website, and Kim Lee is responsible for Amy's headshot. The beautiful merchandise on this page comes from Tootsies Atlanta, Elie Tahari located in Phipps Plaza, and the men's department at Saks Fifth Avenue.