“Over the last several years, I became overwhelmed with keeping up with the latest trends while staying age appropriate and just trying to put it all together. I could pick out some great individual pieces, but they hung in my closet with the tags on because I wasn’t quite sure what to wear with it (besides the infamous black pants) then I would feel guilty for purchasing clothes I hadn’t worn yet. In effort to get organized and “clean out my closet”, I contacted Amy. At the time, I didn’t realize the wide scope of value I would gain by just making that phone call. With the appropriate style of clothing for my body type, flattering colors, a few alteration tricks, and some fabulous accessories, I can feel great in my own personal style. The process has been motivating and I have dropped 2 dress sizes along the way.

Amy and her team are a true pleasure to work with and each bring their own unique talent. You don’t need a lot of clothes but you do need a few strategic pieces that can be interchanged to create many different looks for your lifestyle. By utilizing their talent and advice, I save time and money and a lot of frustration. It has also made packing for trips a lot easier.

Thanks Amy and Style Design!!”

 – L.C.

“Because of your professionalism and your friendship, you have given me the gift of looking at myself in a much different way.  I am a long way from my 9th grade year in high school when I would dress in my bathroom without the lights on and just pull my swim team hair up in a bandana to go to school.  It has taken me 35 years to get to where I am now, thankfully I have gotten here – and you are one of the biggest reasons.

Thank you for investing in me and my process of re-doing my wardrobe and finding my style. This whole process (which continues!) is one of my favorite parts of life in my mid-fifties.” 


“Amy and her team have transformed the way I look at myself and my clothes. Amy first purged my closet and created one wardrobe where all the pieces work together and create different looks for all occasions. The digital pictures, with all the variations including accessories, provide great reminders to my typical after purchase question of “now, what was I to wear with this?” Amy is an expert and her technical ability to know what looks good on me – accenting the positives and minimizing the not so positives – has made dressing fun and efficient – even on the fat days. I rarely shop and believe my money is better spent with Amy updating my wardrobe a couple of times a year. My wardrobe stays current and I have more confidence and time!”

– D.B.


“Amy, the buzz the next day from the Associates was infectious. We truly appreciate you bringing in this group of great clients. The presentation was flawless.Thanks again.”

– L.B., Neiman Marcus


"The design team at Style Design is just the best! They take an experience that could otherwise be intimidating and awkward and make it effortless and fun! They are absolutely expert at helping you maximize, refine, and express your own personal style so that you can't help but instantly look and feel better." 


"Collaborating with Amy for the past few years has not only grown into a beautiful friendship, but a partnership and meeting of the minds when it comes to the unique style and a strong individual voice a woman can have. Amy's creativity, taste level, and exquisite knowledge of craftsmanship, technique, and fit inspires me as a designer and connects me on a unique and a personal level with what we can do better with our Karolina Zmarlak collection, for our clients. Amy is a friend, partner, muse, and a mentor, and she loves what she does with an incredible passion."



"Amy Nelson is one-of-a-kind. She understands how to blend personality, style, and business class to create a distinctive look that is just right for you. She picks things that work the first time, and consistently selects clothes and accessories you feel great walking out in. She understands the life of a busy top executive, and makes it painless to look your best. Countless times, she has helped find just the right look for key meetings and public speaking engagements--even on short notice! Her service orientation and genuine love of what she does is always evident. Perhaps best of all, she is a joy to work with! You won't do any better than Amy Nelson."




“A personal thanks, for the work you have done, especially the fast turn-around.  I am well prepared, and can’t thank you enough for the sense of urgency, professionalism and good taste I see.  I feel like I have a team behind me and than means a lot when bracing new challenging work assignments.  Looking my best boosts my confidence and allow me to focus on the work itself.  Thanks to Team Style Design as my professional image is handled.  The effort you made for me gives me the feeing of having a team who’s got my back.  Thanks Amy!”

– M.G.

“Style Design has made my life easier. As a developer in multiple states, traveling to meetings and functions, I’m confident in my wardrobe and my appearance. Amy and her staff made it simple, cost effective and organized. Professional and great people to work with, I highly recommend their services.”

– S.C.



“I have worked with Amy and her team at Style Design for several years. Amy’s eye for fashion is impeccable and her taste is exquisite to say the least. I know a client will always be in the best care if she is working with Amy and her team.”

– S.M., Tootsies

“As a career couple, both my husband and I benefit from the partnership with Style Design! It takes time to create a professional and personal wardrobe…and Amy Nelson has the talent and partnerships across Atlanta and New York to execute a unique style for her clients. She is an educator and an artist!”

-T.F. & F.F.

“Before Amy Nelson came to my rescue, I spent one hour a year shopping for my clothes and ten hours a year valiantly seeking gifts for my wife on special occasions. With Amy on board, she took over all of my shopping efforts, applying her knowledge of our wardrobe needs, her good tastes, and expert shopping skills to produce very positive results. I feel like I’m “lookin’ better” if not “good”, my wife is ecstatic over her smashing new accessories, and I can divert all that shopping time to more productive pursuits!”

– E.C.

"Amy gave a concise, straightforward presentation with very good visual support. We all came away with terrific wardrobing ideas and tips. Thanks to Amy for giving us the confidence to put together our best business first impression."

-H.S., Brand Bank

"I would highly recommend Amy and her team at Style Design. They participated in our woman's corporate event in 2016 to discuss current trends in business attire including business casual. Their presentation was so well received. Lots of great ideas and many women wanted to follow-up with Amy individually. We will definitely continue the partnership."

-K.C, Suntrust

"The time spent with Amy was an overhaul on my brand. I was amazed what a difference Amy made in such a short period of time. The simple guidelines she gave me has made shopping easier and getting dressed each morning less stressful. I now value quality and not quantity and I have been empowered to embrace my femininity. The feedback from family and friends has been tremendous!

-V.B, Suntrust

"Having used Style Design's consultation over several years, I feel that I have developed my sense of style and visual brand personally and professionally. As a Senior Executive in the health care field, I know that Style Design has helped define my wardrobe "authenticity" and reflect the image that I feel as a persona and executive. Their consultation has given me confidence and courage which has empowered me to be at my very best. Amy and her team have given me great guidance and reason to believe that I can do anything that I put my mind to."

-C.Z, OmniCom